Monday, March 22, 2010

The Work Continues

Dear Family,
Another challanging and wonderful week has come and gone in Washington. I can't believe how quick the days go by. I'll start with a little update on some of the fun things that I'm getting to do. Last Sunday (so about a week and a day ago) I went out to Anderson Island on a ferry and spoke at branch of about 25 people. Than that evening we took another ferry out to McNeil Island (where the prison is located) a family in the ward lives out there and they had us over for dinner, it was easily the prettiest place I've ever seen and I have pictures to prove it. I'll try and send some to you soon. In other news Stake Conference was yesterday and we got to hear several talks centered around Julie B. Becks talk on "Teaching the Doctorine of the Family" Even though were hundreds of miles apart I felt like these talks were for us. I may be on my mission and unable to see you but we're still working hard to strengthen our family. Please google the talk and read it! I'm doing the same. Sister Conger is amazing. She came out prepared to work hard and ready to testify. I couldn't have asked for a better companion. I have experienced some anxiety in being sr. companion. But we're working hard and the Lord is blessing us. Nicole's baptism has moved to the 4th of April, but she's still progressing wonderfully. We're hoping her inactive husband comes around. Keep them in your prayers. Pres. Bowen is having us study some selected readings on the atonement for this transfer and they couldn't have come at a better time. The atonement is so much more than we can ever understand, but as I study it everyday I'm learning more that is helping me grow. We have new missionary training this Tuesday which will be great. I gain so much strength from the meetings where I get to learn from President and Sister Bowen. I don't know if I've ever expressed to you how much I LOVE them! President is so inspired. And Sister Bowen is a great comfort and an amazingly talented speaker. I'm so glad they'll be here for my whole mission. I know this is short this week, but all is well. We're keeping busy and working hard and we're seeing miracles. I feel like I write you the same things every week. But I really feel it's those small and simple things we do each week that help us to see success. Those "seminary answers" really are THE answers. I'm seeing that now more than ever. I'm looking forward to the mission temple trip to the Seattle Temple next month! I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week. Your in my prayers!
Sister Bradley

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