Monday, June 13, 2011

Sara will be home one week from tomorrow on June 21st 2011. Her flight arrives at 4:08pm, a Delta flight from Seattle. She will be speaking in church on the June 26th at 10:50 (if you don't want to sit on hard chairs in the cultural hall be there at 10:30) at the Holladay North stake center- 4395 Albright Dr. (2145 East).

Monday, June 6, 2011

Subject: Milagros.... that's Spanish for miracles :)

We had such an incredible week here in Aberdeen! Our whole zone has been struggling to find people to teach, so we decided at our zone meeting on Tuesday that we were going to fast together as a zone. I've certainly gained a stronger testimony of fasting on my mission... because the miracles came quickly. While tracting Sister Bowles and I met a woman named Christy who has to boys. She was graduating from college on Sunday and needed help for a service project she was doing. She's part native american and had to bead 200 of these necklaces over the weekend. Sis. Bowles and I offered our ametuer beading skills and she quickly enlisted us. She asked us lots of questions and is coming on a church tour with her boys this week! So cool.

Eden was confirmed yesterday! Both she and her husband were at church. This ward has just taken them in. It was pretty awesome to see how much support she had there and how many people just love her. Mike her husband also officially agreed to take the discussions. I've loved seeing the change in Eden just over the last month and a half. I was watching her walk down the hall on Sunday and it was just amazing to see how different she looks. It never ceases to amaze me how much the gospel can change a person. Everytime is a miracle.

Adrianna our little 12 year old investigator is pretty amazing. We invited her to pray about her baptismal date and she decided to first pray about July 8th. A few days later we asked her how her prayers were coming and she said that she felt that wasn't when she was supposed to get baptized. So we decided on June 8th (she wants to get baptized on a day with the number 8 in it lol :) and when she prayed about it she came to us and told us that she knew when she was supposed to get baptized. June 8th is this Wednesday and instead of having a youth activity, all the youth are coming in their Sunday best for Adrianna's baptism. How cool is that?

Just on Sunday we met the Ashley family, we tracted into them last transfer. Bro. Ashley was baptized 10 years ago while in college, but hasn't been back since. He's now married with two little kids and working as a pharmacist at the hospital here. It took us almost 6 weeks to find a time to come over, but it was amazing as we sat down with them in their home. They are also coming on a church tour this week. It seems like we've had so many solid people to work with just come out of no where this week. I told the Spanish elders that we were having milagros and they both looked at me a little blankly and I said that that was spanish for miracles. They both laughed as if I would know a spanish word that they didn't.

The next two weeks in Grays Harbor will be busy ones and I'm looking forward to working hard. I love you all!

p.s. Speaking of milagros, my comp and I went to Forks today with some members here and the sun was out in FORKS! Now thats a miracle :)