Monday, March 1, 2010

Tracting Miracle

Hello family!

Life is wonderful here in Steilacoom. The weather hasn't been as nice as it was last week, but we're doing fine in the rain. It does rain a lot, but so far I still like the rain. I can't believe a month has gone by and we are in March! I already feel a sense of urgency to work harder and faster. We don't have a lot of new investigators this week. We worked hard but there just never seems to be enough time in the day to visit everyone we want and tract as long as we want. But we've had a lot of miracles in tracting. Usually Sis. Jang lets me pick the night before where we go tracting the next day between 5-7pm (we tract these hours everyday). I pick while were planning out the day and we always start are planning with a prayer and end it with a prayer. So I've just been picking a random st. and thats where we go. But this last week we really wanted to find the people the Lord wanted us to. I know that there are people prepared. So I prayed a lot about where to go tracting. I would pray and then stare at the map and then pray some more. Its hard trying to find out where the Lord wants us to go! I have a hard time trusting my self. But we've tracted into some amazing people everytime I've made it a specific matter of prayer. We even found a young women (Valorie) who hasn't been active in decades. When we knocked on her door she laughed and said 'Did my Dad put you up to this" Sis. Jang and I just looked at eachother and then shook our heads. She let us in. She told us her dad said that he wanted to send the missionaries over to check on her (she lost her husband in Afghanistan three years ago), but she wouldn't give her dad her address. And then there we were on her doorstep! She is 27 and hasn't been to church since she was 10. She even asked us for a book of Mormon. The Lord truely answers prayers. We have also been working with a young Korean mom. Her name is Nayan and she is my age and has an 18 mo. old son. Her husband has been deployed for the last 6 months. She has been feeding us and we've been giving her the lessons. We had korean barbeque last week, which was really good. I still think Kimchi is gross though, I don't think thats changing. Its neat because Sis. Jang gets to use her Korean often. I can already say hello, goodbye, and thank you in Korean :) Nayan is moving slow, but she came to church and really like it. We'll continue to meet with her this week. We're continuing to work hard, but we want to work harder. We're really praying to find a family in the next week. Sis Jang has never found and baptised a family and we really want to find one before she leaves! Keep us in your prayers. Thank you for all your letters, emails, and love! I hope everyone is healthy and well. Til next week! I'll tell you all about Jakki's baptsim which is this Sunday! My first!!! We're all so excited for her. She is amazing and so ready. They already have a temple wedding date set! I love you all!

love Sister Bradley

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