Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Blessings Always Come


It's been a wonderfully cold week here in Sequim. I wish some one would have warned me how cold it really is here. All I was told to bring a rain coat. HAH... its colder than Utah here. But no matter the weather, rain, sleet, snow or shine we go out... and we love it. My cheeks have a tendency to turn a lovely shade of dark bluish purple when the weather is damp and cold enough. It looks like I'm in the begining stages of hypo thermia, gratefully I'm not and its just this wierd thing my cheeks do, however, lots of people invite us in for a second, because apparently I look frozen. I've never been so happy to have my pale cheeks :)

Another week of firsts, as I've been on mission now over a year, but this Sunday was the first time I've been asked to speak in Sacrament Meeting. I didn't have a thing prepared as it was a last minute request, but the Bishop was inspired and I shared a story about member missionary work. Hopefully it went alright.

This week was dissapointing, and yet not discouraging. As we were working with Mik, Kristy, and Zarah to be baptized on Sunday, Mik was unable to find a place to move out. I don't know if I've ever applied more faith in my whole life. Unfortunately none of them were able to be baptized, but because of all the sacrifice and faith we applied the blessings came from other places. We set up three church tours on Saturday, and gave three church tours... one right after the other. I don't know if I've ever done that my whole mission. It was pretty amazing. Mik still came to church on Sunday and he's really hoping to be able to be baptized this next weekend. The experience taught me a valuable lesson that Elder Holland spoke on many years ago when he said, "Some blessings may come late, some might not come til Heaven, but they always come." I've never sacrificed so much for a family, nor spent so much time on my knees for an investigator, and although the blessing of their baptism hasn't happened yet, I saw blessings come so much that there almost wasn't room enough to recieve them.

The promise in D & C 82:10 is real..."I the Lord am bound when you do what I say." I've gained an unfailing trust in the Lord. He's perfect and cannot fail us. I'm so grateful that I can rely on Him. Love you all. Until next week.

Love Sister Bradley

Monday, January 17, 2011

Sacrifice brings forth blessings

I feel like every week I write home and tell you of all the wonderful miracles, and I wonder if you tire of me using the world miracle, but theres just no other way to describe this work. We had such a challanging, spiritual, and successfull week. So excited as last week our whole teaching pool dropped us, this week they all decided to come to church instead. We're excited as we have a family of three, the Frantz' on date for this weekend. They just need to have faith, daily contact with them is very important.

We finally were able to begin teaching the Moan family, I could write for hours about them. The Moans are from Myrtle Creek Oregon and have moved up here for just a year or two before Russell Moan retires. Brett, their son, joined the church a year ago this last October. He is 19 and just recieved his mission call to Berlin Germany. He's a spiritual giant, I stand in awe of him when he teaches. He has a brilliant mind and is the youngest of Russell and Lynn's three kids. We've been meeting off and on with Russell and Lynn since I got to Sequim, but since Brett got his call this last week he's returned from BYU-I and is now living with his parents in Sequim. They had us over for dinner and agreed to let us teach the discussions on the pretense, that it would be good practice for Brett and they would get to see what he would be going to to do for two years. As we began the lesson on the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ the spirit was so strong, it intensified as Brett taught his parents about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon, I don't know if I've ever heard such a powerful testimony in my whole life. I think he might just convert all of Berlin. Russell and Lynn committed to read and pray about the Book of Mormon and they came to church this Sunday. Russell is ready to accept the gospel, Lynn is being a little bit of a tough cookie, she really doesn't want to see Brett leave, especially all the way to Germany. I know she'll come around though. We're taking them on a church tour tonight :D.

We're also working with 17 year old Clay who is the little brother of our recent convert Joni. Clay has been to church twice but is worried that he already has too many commitments and doesn't want the responsibilty that comes with membership in the church. He's such a sincere just good kid. The good news is he met Brett Moan who joined the church right at about Clays age and he's helping out a TON. I love the way the Lord prepares people for other people. We're actually working with a lot of other people, including a young adult named Aiden who comes from a strict Catholic back ground. He too is coming around as we continue to teach him. He also came to church on Sunday.

The lesson in one of our wards Relief Society was on Sacrifice. The sisters listed a bunch of things that we sacrifice as members of the church, whether it be time, talents, money, missions, or motherhood. I listened to the sisters and spent a lot of time pondering on the word Sacrifice. To give something up, or offer up something of great worth. As I thought on it I've decided that sacrifice is just another word for blessing. Harder than giving up our time, talents or money would be NOT being able to sacrifice those things. Without the sacrifices that come with the gospel of Jesus Christ I certain I would be totally miserable. What if I didn't share my talents, what if I couldn't serve a mission, what of those who never have the opportunity to "sacrifice" their time and energy for motherhood, through no fault of their own? I'm so grateful I have the opportunity to sacrfice all that I am, because I know there are those who can't and many who won't because they don't understand the blessing it really is. What an example our Savior truely is as he's sacrificed more than we can truely understand. I love this work and am grateful everyday of it.

Love Sister Bradley

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


It's been a week of cold feet for lots of people. Literally. It snowed again yesterday in Sequim. It wasn't as bad this last time though, at least the whole town didn't shut down like last time. We we're tracting in a really far north part of our area that we didn't know existed when we found the Juan De Fuca, its HUGE, I hadn't really seen it yet, I'd only seen Sequim Bay, but we totally saw Canada, its literally only a couple miles across the water from us. Kind of crazy. Hopefully I'll print off some pictures in the next week or so, and I'll send some home :) Today was A LOT of fun, as we played basketball as a zone. Sister Balmforth has some impressive skills, and my basketball skills have greatly improved. I'm excited for the first time to have someone that will play with me. Best work out since I came on my mission.

This week was a challanging week for us as one of our wards was canceled due to the snow and the other one had about 30% attendence because of the snow. Its only three inches, but the people here in Sequim are just not used to it. I'm grateful I learned to drive in the snow many many moons ago, or we wouldn't be able to go out either. Despite our trials we did see a lot of miracles. There is a man by the name of Tim that we had a really neat experience with. He is his father-in-laws caregiver who is a way less active member. We went to go teach the grandfather the discussions per his request. But he can't really hear and he doesn't really have the comprehension for it anymore. As we walked into their small little relocatable home with the TV blaring some zombie movie and Tim playing NFL Madden on the computer, I was anything but excited. I asked if we could turn of the TV, and then miracles happened. We started to teach Donald (the grandpa) as Tim sat there on the computer in the same room. Before we got even five minutes into the lesson Tim had turned off the computer turned his chair around and was listening with such real intent. He started to ask a BUNCH of questions. It was so amazing, you could see the spirit in his eyes. I loved it. When we prayed after the discussion he said that he believed that everything happens for a reason, and that maybe we were there for him. His wife and 16 year old son came in at the end too! We are so excited to start teaching them. But Tim still has lots to overcome.

None of our investigators made it to church, which is always discouraging, but the Mission as a whole is experiencing some of the best numbers and success since President Bowen has been here. My companions and I have a great desire to be a part of that success. We're working on our faith to find those prepared people. I know we will. I love it here and pray for you all everyday. Thanks for all you do!

Love Sister Bradley

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Happy New Year!

Where to begin! I could spend days and write volumes of things I need to share, but alas there is much work to be done here in Sequim. We had transfers yesterday, and my dear Sister Burgess was sent away :( She is now serving in Silverdale. Sister Directo and I recieved a brand new companion from the missionary training center. Her name is Sister Balmforth and she is from Taylorsville Utah. She's my first companion that is younger than me! She's actually a whole year younger than me and I'm still trying to figure out how a year has gone by. I still feel like I am one of the youngest sisters in the mission and now there are sisters out that are lots younger than me. She's amazing and actually played college basketball for Salt Lake Community College for a year before she came out. I got so excited when they announced that in transfer meeting that I said "SWEET" really loud and all the elders had a good laugh. She's a hard worker, has a strong testimony, and is so humble. I'm so excited to get to serve with her.

Another crazy thing I did that you'll never believe. I sang in a trio in front of the whole mission in a special musical number with Sister Fox and Amanda Garcia our recent convert. We sang Be Still My Soul acapella. I swear I was tone def once upon a time, but serving and singing with so many musically talented sisters my voice has seriously improved. I even had a small solo. I was told by several missionaries and Sister Bowen that I have a beautiful voice. Miracles happen... seriously lol. I loved it, but wont be doing a repeat anytime soon. I was shaking like a leaf.

The work here in Sequim is ever increasing. Paul was ordained to the office of priest on Sunday and is doing great. We are trying to teach his little sister Clarissa, but the mom is hessitant because Clarissa is only 12 and she doesn't feel she's ready to make that kind of a choice. We keep them in our prayers and are hoping for a miracle softening of her heart. The ward here is interesting. There are half a dozen couples in the ward that are 60+ where the wife is a solid member that is very active and the husbad isn't a member but comes to church every Sunday. Try as we might to teach them, they are unwilling to be baptized but they will come to church. Its crazy how many of them there are. Each one unique, we're trying to figure out what to do.

My testimony grows ever stronger with each passing day. Your letters and emails bring me so much strength and grattitude. You are all FAR to generous with your kind words of encouragement. This work is miraculous in it self and only takes someone whose willing to work hard and be humble. I love to work hard, when I get home at night and finish planning for the next day I take comfort even though I'm exhausted, I know I did everything I could that day. Humility is a life time pursuit that I'm constantly seeking. Learning to balance confidence in the Lord and in my calling while eliminating pride is difficult. But I'm striving to be better everyday. I love you all and am so grateful for everything you do. Til next week!

Love Sister Bradley