Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Happy New Year!

Where to begin! I could spend days and write volumes of things I need to share, but alas there is much work to be done here in Sequim. We had transfers yesterday, and my dear Sister Burgess was sent away :( She is now serving in Silverdale. Sister Directo and I recieved a brand new companion from the missionary training center. Her name is Sister Balmforth and she is from Taylorsville Utah. She's my first companion that is younger than me! She's actually a whole year younger than me and I'm still trying to figure out how a year has gone by. I still feel like I am one of the youngest sisters in the mission and now there are sisters out that are lots younger than me. She's amazing and actually played college basketball for Salt Lake Community College for a year before she came out. I got so excited when they announced that in transfer meeting that I said "SWEET" really loud and all the elders had a good laugh. She's a hard worker, has a strong testimony, and is so humble. I'm so excited to get to serve with her.

Another crazy thing I did that you'll never believe. I sang in a trio in front of the whole mission in a special musical number with Sister Fox and Amanda Garcia our recent convert. We sang Be Still My Soul acapella. I swear I was tone def once upon a time, but serving and singing with so many musically talented sisters my voice has seriously improved. I even had a small solo. I was told by several missionaries and Sister Bowen that I have a beautiful voice. Miracles happen... seriously lol. I loved it, but wont be doing a repeat anytime soon. I was shaking like a leaf.

The work here in Sequim is ever increasing. Paul was ordained to the office of priest on Sunday and is doing great. We are trying to teach his little sister Clarissa, but the mom is hessitant because Clarissa is only 12 and she doesn't feel she's ready to make that kind of a choice. We keep them in our prayers and are hoping for a miracle softening of her heart. The ward here is interesting. There are half a dozen couples in the ward that are 60+ where the wife is a solid member that is very active and the husbad isn't a member but comes to church every Sunday. Try as we might to teach them, they are unwilling to be baptized but they will come to church. Its crazy how many of them there are. Each one unique, we're trying to figure out what to do.

My testimony grows ever stronger with each passing day. Your letters and emails bring me so much strength and grattitude. You are all FAR to generous with your kind words of encouragement. This work is miraculous in it self and only takes someone whose willing to work hard and be humble. I love to work hard, when I get home at night and finish planning for the next day I take comfort even though I'm exhausted, I know I did everything I could that day. Humility is a life time pursuit that I'm constantly seeking. Learning to balance confidence in the Lord and in my calling while eliminating pride is difficult. But I'm striving to be better everyday. I love you all and am so grateful for everything you do. Til next week!

Love Sister Bradley

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