Monday, January 17, 2011

Sacrifice brings forth blessings

I feel like every week I write home and tell you of all the wonderful miracles, and I wonder if you tire of me using the world miracle, but theres just no other way to describe this work. We had such a challanging, spiritual, and successfull week. So excited as last week our whole teaching pool dropped us, this week they all decided to come to church instead. We're excited as we have a family of three, the Frantz' on date for this weekend. They just need to have faith, daily contact with them is very important.

We finally were able to begin teaching the Moan family, I could write for hours about them. The Moans are from Myrtle Creek Oregon and have moved up here for just a year or two before Russell Moan retires. Brett, their son, joined the church a year ago this last October. He is 19 and just recieved his mission call to Berlin Germany. He's a spiritual giant, I stand in awe of him when he teaches. He has a brilliant mind and is the youngest of Russell and Lynn's three kids. We've been meeting off and on with Russell and Lynn since I got to Sequim, but since Brett got his call this last week he's returned from BYU-I and is now living with his parents in Sequim. They had us over for dinner and agreed to let us teach the discussions on the pretense, that it would be good practice for Brett and they would get to see what he would be going to to do for two years. As we began the lesson on the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ the spirit was so strong, it intensified as Brett taught his parents about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon, I don't know if I've ever heard such a powerful testimony in my whole life. I think he might just convert all of Berlin. Russell and Lynn committed to read and pray about the Book of Mormon and they came to church this Sunday. Russell is ready to accept the gospel, Lynn is being a little bit of a tough cookie, she really doesn't want to see Brett leave, especially all the way to Germany. I know she'll come around though. We're taking them on a church tour tonight :D.

We're also working with 17 year old Clay who is the little brother of our recent convert Joni. Clay has been to church twice but is worried that he already has too many commitments and doesn't want the responsibilty that comes with membership in the church. He's such a sincere just good kid. The good news is he met Brett Moan who joined the church right at about Clays age and he's helping out a TON. I love the way the Lord prepares people for other people. We're actually working with a lot of other people, including a young adult named Aiden who comes from a strict Catholic back ground. He too is coming around as we continue to teach him. He also came to church on Sunday.

The lesson in one of our wards Relief Society was on Sacrifice. The sisters listed a bunch of things that we sacrifice as members of the church, whether it be time, talents, money, missions, or motherhood. I listened to the sisters and spent a lot of time pondering on the word Sacrifice. To give something up, or offer up something of great worth. As I thought on it I've decided that sacrifice is just another word for blessing. Harder than giving up our time, talents or money would be NOT being able to sacrifice those things. Without the sacrifices that come with the gospel of Jesus Christ I certain I would be totally miserable. What if I didn't share my talents, what if I couldn't serve a mission, what of those who never have the opportunity to "sacrifice" their time and energy for motherhood, through no fault of their own? I'm so grateful I have the opportunity to sacrfice all that I am, because I know there are those who can't and many who won't because they don't understand the blessing it really is. What an example our Savior truely is as he's sacrificed more than we can truely understand. I love this work and am grateful everyday of it.

Love Sister Bradley

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