Tuesday, January 11, 2011


It's been a week of cold feet for lots of people. Literally. It snowed again yesterday in Sequim. It wasn't as bad this last time though, at least the whole town didn't shut down like last time. We we're tracting in a really far north part of our area that we didn't know existed when we found the Juan De Fuca, its HUGE, I hadn't really seen it yet, I'd only seen Sequim Bay, but we totally saw Canada, its literally only a couple miles across the water from us. Kind of crazy. Hopefully I'll print off some pictures in the next week or so, and I'll send some home :) Today was A LOT of fun, as we played basketball as a zone. Sister Balmforth has some impressive skills, and my basketball skills have greatly improved. I'm excited for the first time to have someone that will play with me. Best work out since I came on my mission.

This week was a challanging week for us as one of our wards was canceled due to the snow and the other one had about 30% attendence because of the snow. Its only three inches, but the people here in Sequim are just not used to it. I'm grateful I learned to drive in the snow many many moons ago, or we wouldn't be able to go out either. Despite our trials we did see a lot of miracles. There is a man by the name of Tim that we had a really neat experience with. He is his father-in-laws caregiver who is a way less active member. We went to go teach the grandfather the discussions per his request. But he can't really hear and he doesn't really have the comprehension for it anymore. As we walked into their small little relocatable home with the TV blaring some zombie movie and Tim playing NFL Madden on the computer, I was anything but excited. I asked if we could turn of the TV, and then miracles happened. We started to teach Donald (the grandpa) as Tim sat there on the computer in the same room. Before we got even five minutes into the lesson Tim had turned off the computer turned his chair around and was listening with such real intent. He started to ask a BUNCH of questions. It was so amazing, you could see the spirit in his eyes. I loved it. When we prayed after the discussion he said that he believed that everything happens for a reason, and that maybe we were there for him. His wife and 16 year old son came in at the end too! We are so excited to start teaching them. But Tim still has lots to overcome.

None of our investigators made it to church, which is always discouraging, but the Mission as a whole is experiencing some of the best numbers and success since President Bowen has been here. My companions and I have a great desire to be a part of that success. We're working on our faith to find those prepared people. I know we will. I love it here and pray for you all everyday. Thanks for all you do!

Love Sister Bradley

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