Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I Know Why I Am Here

It's warmed up quite a bit here in Sequim... actually I think its about the same temps, but the air isn't so wet, which makes it a lot more bearable. This transfer has gone by way too fast for me. We're already in week five and we only get six weeks. The words of President Bowen said to me in my very first transfer keep coming back to me. He told me that if I would truely have my eye single to the glory of God, time would go by too fast. Time is going by WAY too fast, and even the rough days and the tough weeks won't slow time down. I'm just praying to be able to work harder.

We went to La Push today, and got lots more fun pictures, it really is a beautiful beach. We played ultimate frisbee. The sun even came out for us, which truely is a miracle in Forks. Our zone is really unified. I hope there aren't too many changes in the upcomming transfer. But whatever happens the Lord is in it. THANK you for sending me the memory card! I wasn't able to see the videos on the camera, but a sweet family let me watch them on their computer! Ethan is a little boy already and it sounds like Scotti talks! I can't believe how BIG the girls are lol. Riya looks SO grown up and Lia, my goodness she's grown so tall. I loved hearing you guys sing! Will you let me sing with you when I get home? Promise I'm lots better lol. Lia, I loved hearing you sing that song from Rigaletto?! It really made my week. I actually just got my jeans today too! Thank you so much! I also got Lia's letter with the boondoggle key chain, its now on the Sequim keys lol :) I hope you got the pictures I sent to you this last week.

We had almost all or our investigators at church this Sunday. We're seeing Brett's parents tonight and are putting them on date for baptism this Saturday. Brett is going back to Myrtle Creek a week from today and he won't be back in Sequim before he goes on his mission, so it really is his last chance to baptize his mom and dad before he goes. Keep them in your prayers. I know they're both ready, sometimes people let fear of little things drown out their faith. If only we could lend our investigators our faith. I've wished for that so often, but I'm realizing that its more rewarding to help them gain there own. Despite the adversity that they face, they grow from each trial, just as I do. I wouldn't want to take that opportunity of growth away from them.

Kristy, Mik, and Zarah are on date for this weekend too! Kristy came to church for the first time since I came to Sequim, she got off Sundays now, and she went 3 days with out smoking a cigarette! I love watching people triumph over addictions. She is so strong. I loved seeing her on Sunday, her eyes were so bright. She's been through so much, and I was able to see hope in her eyes on Sunday. She was happy, truely happy and although she didn't get baptized as planned, seeing her progress and the light of Christ that has come into her eyes made it so much better.

I've learned so much in this area about myself. When I was first assigned here President Bowen told me something he'd never said to me before, he said "Sister Bradley, you HAVE to find out why the Lord sent you to Sequim. Pray! Find out why you are here." At first I didn't know at all what he meant... I figured it would be like any other area. The field is white everywhere right? I've now come to understand that there were things that I could only learn here. There were people, memebers and non-members who had important lessons to teach me. I know why I came to Sequim. I know exactly why I came to the Washington Tacoma Mission, and I know why I came on a mission. I'm so grateful to be here. The Lord knows me so well... as there is no where else in the world I would rather be than right where I am. Thanks for all your love and support!

Love Sister Bradley

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