Monday, February 7, 2011

Know, Declare, Do, and Become

Another week has come and gone here in Sequim. This has been the fastest transfer of my mission. I don't know where the last five weeks went. We just received some very exciting news. Elder Kent Richards of the seventy will be coming to our mission next month. We're pretty excited. Elder Sitati of the seventy came last year.

Sequim has hit a rough patch, as all but two of our investigators decided to miss church. Thats one of the hardest things as a missionary, is to get people to actually come to church. Two weeks ago, they were all coming and now they're all not. It's wierd how its kind of either all of them or none of them... you'd think they all orchestrated it or something.

This week we did have a lot of neat things happen. We were tracting doors early in the week when a woman opened her door and yelled "I'm really interested, but I can't talk right now" and then slammed the door. We went back a few days later and she came on a tour of the church. Turns out her sister has been attending the church in San Diego for years and she's always wanted to. She knows a lot about the church and accepted an invitation to prepare for baptism on Feb. 20th. Unfortunately she didn't come to church because she had to take her brother to the airport. We're excited to really start teaching her. Truly, 'The field is white, already to harvest'.

Sister Balmforth, Directo, and I are all on edge hoping we get to stay together for one more transfer, but I don't know if we'll be so lucky. Whatever happens I know the Lord knows best, but that doesn't change the fact THAT I WANT to stay with them lol. It's a good thing we don't decide our own transfer calls, or I'd have a hard time. I trust President Bowen more than I could ever really write in words. I'm working my way through the Docterine and Covenents and am so close to finishing the Book of Mormon again. I love the scriptures. They have been a rock in my life and especially in my mission. They make bad days good and good days better. My testimony grows each day of the prophet Joseph Smith. The Book of Mormon is such an amazing book, I don't know of anyone who could have written that book, let alone a 21 yearold young man with a third grade education. Most of our investigators know that the Book of Mormon is true. KNOWING its true hasn't been a battle for many people, its the DOING that they struggle with. So many know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God, they just are to afraid to actually follow it for whatever reason. That seems to be the case with our current teaching pool. Moroni was serious when he talked about that real intent business. Its a struggle for some. I'm doing my best to not only know and declare, but to do and become, like my Savior Jesus Christ. I love you all! Have a wonderful Valentines Day :)

Love Sister Bradley

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