Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Baptisms and Transfers

Where to begin? I'm writing a day later than usual because we had transfers yesterday, I think I forgot to mention that last week... it creeps up on me sooo fast. I was shocked... completely floored with my new assignment. I've been transferred into an Elders area with Sister Ohler (she's the one that moved into the Deseret Rose ward a few months before we moved out) and they've taken the Elders out, its actually a zone leader area. In the mission we call it being "white washed" or "doubled in". Yesterday was total chaos in getting ALL of the elders stuff out of the house and getting our stuff in. Its actually the basement of a members home and the elders have been living there for as long as they can remember... needless to say it was quite the mess. But alas all is well and Sister Ohler and I are happy to be serving the good people of the Grays Harbor ward in Aberdeen Washington. It's on the coast about 70 miles south of Forks. Its the largest ward in the mission with a ward list of well over 900 families, only 250 of which are active. We have a LOT of work to do and are SO excited to be the ones to do it. I haven't opened an area since my first transfer with Sister Jang, so lets pray for some amazing miracles.

Speaking of miracles! My last week in Sequim was nothing short of miraculous. Kristy and Zarah were finally baptized on Sunday night... quite literally 12 hours before I left. It was probably the sweetest baptism I've ever been to. The whole ward showed up as Kristy and Zarah have been working towards baptism for about 6 months now. It was amazing to see all that Kristy was able to overcome. Smoking, coffee, changing jobs so she could attend church on sunday. It was one of the greatest tender mercies of my mission to get to see them both baptized and confirmed my last night in Sequim. And believe me when I say Satan did everything he could, short of causing an earthquake, to get us all there. But it doesn't matter the opposition we face, as long as we push through it. It was Sister Balmforths first baptism and my last in Sequim :) She's now there serving with S. Directo and S. Nybo. They will do great things there. I was sad to go, 12 weeks has been my shortest time in an area, but I know that there are people here in Aberdeen to help, and I am more than excited to get to be the one to find them. I was however told by several elders to do my best to not get shot... I thought they were joking, until I saw that even the public library here has security guards that carry weapons. Don't worry mom, all will be well. Sisters haven't been in Aberdeen for well over 20 years.

I have a new address so don't send any more mail to Sequim... I might get it before I go home lol, but don't count on it. Send my mail to the mission home at

Sister Sara H. Bradley
Washington Tacoma Mission
4007 Bridgeport Way W. Ste D
University Place, WA 98466-4330

It might take me longer to reply to you now, but I promise when I finally get your letters I will write back. I love you all lots! Keep me in your prayers this week.. it should prove to be interesting!

Love Sister Bradley

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