Monday, October 25, 2010

Pouring down Blessings

Dear Family

Wow what a week! Some pretty amazing things happened! I'm excited to get to share them all with you. First, we've been working with the Williams family for months now. Audreaona the 17 year old daughter was baptized earlier this year. But her mother who has met morman missionaries a ton through out her whole life has been incredibly resistant. She always loves the missionaries and will often have us over for dinner, but she's never come to church and never really progressed. She's promised us half a dozen times that she would come to church but this last week we found out that she's had some big concerns. She had always been told that mormons hate black people and that we have like 30 wives...(I wonder where those rumors come from?) Anyway, Tracy (the mom) comes from a baptist background and hasn't wanted to come to church, but has let her fears and concerns get in the way. It was really amazing as we brought Amanda, who just got baptized 2 weeks ago who was also baptist and who also happens to be black to a teaching appointment at Tracy's. It changed EVERYTHING. Tracy for the first time EVER came to church this week and sat with Amanda and her girls. She said it was different, but that she liked it and loved hearing others testimonies and would be back!

This week was also really exciting as Bo Chambers, (she was baptized back in August) received her patriarchal blessing this last Sunday. She asked us to go with her. I had never been to anyone's blessing other than my own and it was an incredibly neat experience to hear such amazing promised blessings. Sister Chambers is on the activities committee and the ward has just embraced her so much. Her conversion has been a beautiful thing to see.

The rain is POURING here in Tacoma, but I like to think that its just the Lord pouring out his blessings. My faith and testimony grow with each challenge and trial. I hope everyone is doing well. Send me pictures of the snow! I actually miss it lol. Love you Lots

Love Sister Bradley

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