Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Excitement, laughter, and tears

Dear Family,

This is an email full of excitement and surprises. Sister Fox and I recieved our transfer calls late morning on Saturday while we were teaching Amanda her last discussion before baptism. Elder Hill (AP) gave me my assignment call first and told me to pack up all my things... and then to promptly unpack them because I would be staying in Tacoma! YAY! He then asked for Sister Fox and she looked sad as she said "I love change I'm excited!" It was at this point that I realized that Elder Hill didn't tell me who I would be serving with. I asked Sister Fox but she hung up the phone real fast, and I was slightly irritated. Thinking we'd have to call him back she laughed at me and said, "You don't know who your serving with?" exasperated I said no. She laughed again and said "Your stuck with me!" We about died. Amanda was sooo excited. Sister Fox and I will have served 6 months together next month! We joked at transfer meeting that President has made us eternal companions. However we couldn't be happier serving together. We've become best friends, they'll have to surgically seperate us when the time comes.

The exciting news doesn't end there! We had three baptisms on Sunday. The biggest baptism either of us have ever had! Amanda was amazing and Sister Fox and I were able to witness her and her now husband, Craig be married by the bishop just an hour before her baptism. One of our recent converts Bo Chambers is an excellent seamstress? and made Amanda's wedding dress. While we were take pictures we had them both stand in front of a picture of the Seattle temple in the church and take their wedding pictures. Craig, who has very little knowledge about the church asked why they were taking a picture with the funny looking building and Amanda hits him in the shoulder and says "Because we're gonna go get sealed!" I couldn't decide if I wanted to laugh, cry, or scream out of excitment. Craig came to church for the first time with all but two of their kids. He is now officially investigating and the Bishop is fellowshipping him.

The baptism was really neat. Sister Fox and Sister Lines sang Come thou Fount and the spirit was really strong. Ruth and Brandon Poirier were also baptized. They are two kids of a single mother who is a convert to the church as well. We saw a lot of tender mercies that lead to their baptism as well. We've been teaching their family for some time now, but the Lord really helped soften the mothers heart, she was worried they weren't ready. But as we spent week after week, month after month teaching them as family, those children truely have gained a testimony of the Gospel. I think they will do a lot to strengthen their mothers testimony.

Erin wasn't able to come to church, we haven't seen her in a few days, keep her in your prayers. We had a lot of miracles on Sunday as well, we had 5 investigators at church and 2 non members that we intend to make investigators this week! I'm thrilled to be in Tacoma and know this is right were I'm supposed to be and am excited to work hard. I'm learning a lot about hard work and always feel like I can work harder :D I love you all.

Love Sister Bradley

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