Monday, October 18, 2010

life is hard, but life is simple

Dear Family,

What a crazy week full of highs and lows. The work was a little shaky this week as we went out we felt we didn't have the teaching pool we had a few weeks ago. People either were baptized or dropped. You truly have to be finding ALL THE TIME or else your going to hit a dry spot. It's not that Sister Fox and I stopped finding, but our teaching definitely took presidence, and now we don't have as many people to teach. The ebb and flow of missionary work. I really hope that one day I will be able to master finding, teaching, and baptizing, so that all three are a constant in the work.

This last week was Stake Conference in Tacoma and there was a really neat session for recent converts of the stake and investigators. A woman we've been working with for months came to the church for the first time in 40 years. She was baptized as a child, but never confirmed. It was kind of an open testimony meeting and this woman got up and shared an amazing testimony about how she was able to get back to church. She's actually really excited about her baptism.

I was listening to some old conference sessions that I have on my I-Pod and I was listening to a talk when I suddenly realized that someone was talking to me. It was someone in the seventy and he said. Life is Hard, but life is simple. The gospel isn't hard, life is hard. I've been thinking about that a lot this past week and it's really helped me as I've started to think that missionary work isn't hard life is hard. I'm grateful to be doing missionary work. Inspite of the many diffuclties and stresses, I know that it is some of the most important work I'll ever do. Thank you for all your support and love. I love you all.

Love Sister Bradley

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