Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Quick One

Hello family,
Do you tire of me telling you about Steilacoom? I love this place. I'm really nervous to ever have to leave. This was a great week. We met a young girl by the name of Deanna. She's back for the summer from school in Seattle. We've started teaching her and she's amazing. She's already such a strong Christian, she's super excited about the church and activites are were hoping to see her be baptized this transfer. People are waiting everywhere. It just makes me want to talk to everyone! I wish I could write more, but my time is up. I'll make up for such a short email next week I promise :) The weather hasn't changed much, its still in the 60's with lots and lots of rain. I love it. People are actually a lot nicer to us when were tracting in the rain. Being girls in skirts I think people take pitty on us. I'll write again soon! Love you!
Love Sister Bradley

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