Monday, November 1, 2010

Seasons Change

Dear Family,

The weeks seem to go by in Tacoma in the blink of an eye. The rain continues to pour here and I've been informed it will likely do that until next July, and I realized that I won't even get to be here next July. So I think I'll be wet for the rest of my mission ;) Although I really do think it is a blessing. Tracting in the rain is a neat experience, although it is freezing and wet, (my cheeks tend to turn a nice shade of blue) people always are willing to talk to us because we look so... well cold.

We found a wonderful family this week. Erin is the mom of two. She came down on a church tour with her daughter on Saturday and seemed to really enjoy it. We are excited to meet with her tonight to teach the Plan of Salvation. Craig, Amanda's husband is also doing amazing things. He told Amanda last week that he wanted to start attending church every Sunday as a family (with all five kids)! They came to the Halloween part on Saturday and to church on Sunday. We are teaching Craig the discussions and are excited to put him on date tonight for baptism on the 14th of November.

The leaves have all changed color here in Washington and it is beautiful! I love watching the seasons change. It smells like fall outside. For some reason I feel that as the seasons change, people to are become ready for change and we find a lot more people who are willing to listen to our message. I'm sorry to make this short, but we're short on time today. I love you all very much. Thanks for the pictures of Ethan and Scotty! They're so big!

p.s. Tell Mark and Jared to send me an email sometime... I haven't heard from either of them :D

love Sister Bradley

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