Tuesday, November 9, 2010

November 9th 2010

Dear family,

I only have four minutes left! But I have to write! What a week it has been. We've found some really amazing hidden miracles in our area book. We went over all the former investigators and decided to stop by a few of them. Two being Tom and Sally. Tom is an 80 year old man retired from the navy and an intense and devout Catholic. He is always willing to come to service but we loose him at baptism as he always says he's already been baptized. Sister Fox and I stopped by and after not comming to church for 3 months he came after our short visit. So we eagerly prepared a lesson on baptsm focusing on Christ's baptism from Matthew and the spirit was so strong as we taught Tom about the proper baptism. He really likes the idea of being able to choose to be baptized as he was baptized as an infant. As we left we commited him to pray about baptism for the 14th of November and he said yes! He started asking all these questions like what he had to wear and who would be there! He's been an eternal investigator for many missionaries in the Skyline Ward and here is actually commiting to pray about baptism. We're very excited for Tom.

Sally is a woman ironically enough that Sister Fox and I tracted into four months ago. She said she used to meet with the elders but had decided to stay with her church. When we knocked into her we hadn't known she was a former in our area book. As we went through we decided to stop by and when we went by her house four months later, we realized that we had been there before. She invited us in imediately and told us that last time we had stopped by (when we had just tracted into her) she took out the Book of Mormon and tried to read it again, but she has a really hard time with it. We gave her a childrens Book of Mormon to go along with it and now she's just cruizing through it. Unfortunately she was unable to come to church on Sunday, but we hope for next Sunday. She's very smart and in tune with the spirit. As we commited her to read and pray about the Book of Mormon she knew what it would mean if she got the answer that it was true. She knows that she'll have to leave her church (an episcopl church, she's very religious), but she is really excited about baptism, as she was baptised as an infant, without it being her choice. She really wants to follow Christ's example. Please pray that her fears won't prevent her from taking that leap of faith.

I'm learning so much. The past transfer has been a hard one for me, I would say full of highs and lows, but its been mostly lows. I am indeed gratefull for those lows, as my mission has been full of high highs. It makes them so much more special. Most importantly I'm learning to rely on my Savior in all that I do. Sometimes its easy to let yourself feel alone, and the adversary is really good at making us feel that way. Its always a choice that we make though. Ultimatly we can choose to look to the Savior and be happy or look away. Any other way leads us to saddness and ultimatly misery. I'm so happy to be sharing His message with His people. I'm grateful for Him. I know that He lives and He loves us so much. If we could only really understand how infinite that love is the world would be so much eager to share it. WE would be more eager to share it, because the world is in great need of the precious knowledge that we have. I love you all.

Love Sister Bradley

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