Monday, November 15, 2010

Miracles are still there

Dear Family,

The weather here has taken a turn to colder than cold. I thinking I have more vitamin C in my system than water. I always remember Mom saying I couldn't overdose on vitamin C lol so I'm not too woried about it.

Things were hard this week, but also rewarding. It was one of those weeks where the worst possible thing happens, and yet somehow the Lord strengthens us to bear it. My dear friend Sally has been progressing AMAZINGLY as we've met with her every other day at the chaple with the PERFECT fellowship. She's had three seperate sisters, including the Relief Society President. On Saturday night we commited Sally to baptism for the 21st and she more than just accepted, but was excited! She loved the plan of salvation and we had just taught her the doctering of baptism. However Sunday morning a half an hour before church she called and told us that she was no longer interested and that she's decided to stay with her episcopal church. I neither wish to express in words or want you to know how many pieces my heart broke into as she told us. It wasn't about numbers, or baptisms. I saw the light of Christ shine in Sally's eyes as we taught her. I saw her commitment and excitement to enter into Christ's church. It was a hard day at church as with each lesson I realized was perfect for Sally and just what she needed to prepare her further.

However the Lord has blessed us with a tender mercy as a young boy of an excommunicated mother commited for baptism and his mother gave her consent last night to be baptized next Sunday. I honestly couldn't see this ever happening until he was an adult as his mother didn't seem like she would EVER be willing to consent. But we've been teaching them in her home and at the church for several months now and just this Saturday we took them on a church tour and her heart was softened. Tom didn't get baptized yesterday unfortunately, but he's promised to give it "maximum effort" this next Sunday, he's such a funny old man.

As always I'm realizing reguardless of what I do or share, people will always have their agency. I'm also continually learning that no matter what happens the Lord is in it. I'm motivated to do all I can and let Heaven do the rest. Heaven must certainly be busy here in Tacoma, as despite my many short commings, miracles can be found whenever we sincerely look for them. I love you all!

Love Sister Bradley

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