Thursday, July 8, 2010

I prayed about it

Dear Family,
It's been a hard week and a great week here in Steilacoom. It started out really slow and didn't really pick up til the end of the week. I think I told you about Carey last week, well I have an amazing update one here and on some personal revelation. So we met with Carey early last week and we asked her how she felt about her baptism on the 11th of July, she said that she wanted to talk to Elicia about it ( her 10 year old daughter who is in Kentucky for the next 2 months). I felt so discouraged that she'd want to wait for her to come home. So we left her with the commitment to pray about it and be willing to act on the Lords answer. But a few days later we went and taught her lesson four about all the commandments and I couldn't believe what I saw. We taught her everything and when we got to the Word of Wisdom we weren't too nervous other than we knew that she drank sweet tea, so when we talked about it she asked us a lot of questions and we talked a lot about D and C 89 and then she got right up from her table opened her refridgerator and pulled out a gallon of home made sweet tea and poured down her drain. She said "That doesn't bother me one bit to give that up" This woman is from Alabama and has been drinking sweet tea all her life! The next day at church I was introducing her to some of the Senior Missionaries that work on the military base when Elder Maughn asked her when her baptism was, she looked him straight in the eye and with out skipping a beat said "July 11th" and then turned to my companion and I and said "I prayed about it." It was a miracle to see Carey's conversion. In two weeks I saw her go from merely initerested to having an incredibly strong testimony. She's a tender mercy of the Lord.
I was also able to bear my testimony in sacrament meeting with my companion and it was an amazing meeting! I'm always nervous what people might get up there and say, but it was a really good meeting and just what Carey needed. Her baptism is this Sunday at 5pm :D I hope you all had a wonderful fourth of July. Steilacoom makes a pretty big deal out of it and closes the whole town for a street fair and then they set off fire works over the Sound, it was pretty neat. This week should be exciting. I'm going on an exchange in Tacoma for the next four days with Sister Crowley! I'm pretty excited to see a new area! I'll let you know how it goes next week. Transfers are only two weeks away! Can you believe how fast six weeks goes by! I want to stay with Sister Fisher longer, but I don't think I'll be staying in Steilacoom, I've already been here for a while, but she'll do great things here! I've got to run, but I love you all! Thanks for all your emails and letters!
Love Sister Bradley

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