Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Albertson's Miracle

Dear Family,

This is going to have to be a short one, I don't have a lot of time. But I want to share the most amazing miracle! They seem to be a constant occurance here. So the other day Sister Conger and I ran into Albertson's to go pick up a few things for some kids that we were meeting with that night, when we walked in we saw an older couple looking at the flowers. We went up and talked to them and introduced ourselves. We learned that Maria was german and her husband was military. He didn't like us at all and walked away almost as soon as we started talking to Maria. She was kind and we offered to help her plant flowers and left her with our card. The next day Sister Conger really felt like we should go tracting in a certain area and that we should start with the Gamez family and that we should have them pray for us to find some one. So we started at their home with a great prayer of faith and went off to knock doors. The people were so kind and we were able to leave our card, but no one really seemed to interested. We were so busy knocking doors that we completely lost track of time and were 10 minutes late for an appointment, so I took the keys and started to run down the street back to get the car so we wouldn't be too late. (Of course staying with in sight at sound of my companion ;) We got in the car and ran to our next appointment. The next day the Gamez family had us over for dinner and asked us about tracting in their neighborhood and we were able to tell them a little of our success. After dinner they gave us a plate of brownies and said we should go visit there neighbor across the street. We took the plate of brownies and a finding faith dvd and went to knock there door. When who else answered the door, but sweet Maria's (Nice women from Albertsons) husband Jim. He said "We already know you!" and wasn't too excited to see us, but miraculously Bro. Gamez was walking over to bring Sis. Conger her scriptures that she had forgotten. Apparently Jim LOVES Bro. Gamez and was soon out on his front step talking to us as if we were his own grand children. We gave him the plate of brownies and finding faith, which he said he was excited to watch and confessed that he saw me running down the street the other day and thought that we had followed him hom from Albertsons! CRAZY! The Lord was working miracles left and right and no one was aware of it. Jim did say that he was impressed with how fast I could run. We were able to set up to give them a tour of the church this week with the Gamez family! How AMAZING is that! There was no way Jim would have ever listened to us had things not gone EXACTLY the way the Lord planned it to. I'm so grateful that Sis. Conger was listening to the spirit and knowing WHERE we should tract! This work is so important and the Lord is preparing people everywhere, even back home! Be prepared to share the gospel when the Lord prepares others to listen! I love this work! Transfers are next Monday, so I won't be emailing til Tuesday! I could be anywhere! Love you all so much thank you for all your support and prayers!

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