Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sunday Miracles

Dear Bradley Family and Friends,
I write you today in high spirits! I don't think I've ever experienced the joy I've felt in the last 48 hours ever in my life. Steilacoom is a wonderful place to be and the Lord is working miracles, even through me!
Because this was a new area for sisters, getting the ball rolling in the area was a bit rough, but the ball is definitly rolling and its snowballing. This week we had four investigators at church and five new investigators. And we have one on date to be baptised on March 7th!
I want to share a few miracles I've witnessed over the past few days.
Miracle 1: First I went on splits with one of the laurels in the ward (Brooke) who is 17. It was only my second time going on splits and my first time going with someone where I really had to take the lead. I was amazed at the peace and comfort the Lord gave us both as we went out. We went to go stop by a few less active young women when we ran into a couple getting out of their car. Swallowing all fear I ran up and introduced my self and asked a few questions and they said we could come visit tomorrow! The appointment with the young women went great and Brooke will make an amazing missionary in four years! But for now I'm so glad to take her on splits. The couple we met at the car (Gary and Debbie) are in a really tough spot it life. They are struggling pay check to pay check and Gary is having surgery this week. We met with them shared a little about what we believe and then set up to give them a church tour the next day ( right before a stake adult valentines party ) they came to both and had a wonderful time. We commited them to come to church but they said they would be attendin their church in Tacoma to get in touch with a few friends but that they would come the next week. Slightly discouraged we continued throughout the week.
Miracle 2: A young mom named Daniel just walked into the church a few days ago and asked to learn more about it. We set up a church tour where we found out she was learning more about us for a school report, but seemed earnest in wanting to learn more. She came to church on Sunday, it should be interesting to see if she wants to meet with us again after her report.
Miracle 3: On Sunday we walked into church nervous on who was actually going to be there. We were greated by Bro. Bishop ( a visitor) who introduced us to his fiance Jakki who shook our hands and then said "I want to be baptized" She is new to the area and has been looking for the true church for many years and when she met Bro. Bishop she knew she had found it. We gave her a church tour on Sunday night and her baptismal date is set for March 7th. We're so excited!
Miracle 4: As the sacrament prayers started, I was feeling pretty good having both Jakki and Daniel at church, but I cannot express to you the feelings of joy I had as Debbie and Gary (the couple I found with Brooke) walked into the chapel. They said they probably wouldn't be there and in missionary terms that means they definitely wont be there and then they were there! I feel so close to this sweet sweet couple because I found them! Gary has surgery this Thursday on his vocal chords so please keep him in your prayers. We will be committing them to baptism later this week hopefully.
I'm loving the work and I'm loving the people I'm serving and serving with. Its a wonderful time to be a missionary and am so grateful for this time I have to work hard. Always remember that it starts with the members! You have so much influence to bring others to come to Christ. Have confidence and be bold. I love you all.
Sister Bradley

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