Monday, June 13, 2011

Sara will be home one week from tomorrow on June 21st 2011. Her flight arrives at 4:08pm, a Delta flight from Seattle. She will be speaking in church on the June 26th at 10:50 (if you don't want to sit on hard chairs in the cultural hall be there at 10:30) at the Holladay North stake center- 4395 Albright Dr. (2145 East).

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Stefanie Hathaway said...

Hi. This is elyse's friend stefanie (Jerusalem friend!) I was at her farewell and the bowtie pasta salad at the house afterward changed my life. I got the recipe then, but I've lost it! I am pretty desperate. I dont remember her name, but Elyse's older sister has that recipe and i would LOVE LOVE LOVE it if someone in your family could get in touch with her and have her email me the recipe. I've made it twice since the farewell and that salad is a BIG hit :) my email is Thank you soooooo much!

p.s. i cant leave comments on elyses blog!
June 17, 2011 9:34 AM