Monday, April 25, 2011

Brings all things to your remembrance

April 18, 2011
What a week!

The last two days have been spent basking in the fact that we've been able to do the work in SUNSHINE! Thats right, there was lttle to no gray in Grays Harbor this weekend. I went tracting yesterday with out a rain coat. It felt pretty amazing. I was told yesterday that Aberdeen went for 39 straight days with NO sun, and it that it rained all 39 of them. But as amazing as the sunshine has been that wasn't even the greatest part of our week.

On Wednesday the Spanish elders gave us a call and told us that they set up a church tour for us with a young mom named Eden. We weren't sure how solid it was, but happily followed up with her. We called Eden the next day to confirm the appointment and she actually sounded way excited. As we were on our way to her house I wasn't paying much attention until I realized that I had tracted Eden's street just 3 weeks earlier. Elder Hardy (the spanish elder) told me that he was on Eden's street and he felt he really needed to knock on her door. He knew that there were no Spanish people living inside, but he said the feeling was strong enough that he knocked on the door anyway. Eden agreed almost immediately to come on a tour. When we knocked on her door a day later, she was all ready and brought her 8 month old son and her 11 year old little brother with her. They LOVED the tour. We were a little bit worried about getting them to church as it was stake conference this week, but she came! She drove 30 miles to come to church her first Sunday. Not to mention she did it with an infant. She's incredible. She was on date for baptism for May 1st, but her husband is currently in Utah and she wants him to be there with her. He is taking the class to become a licensed truck driver. We're hoping her little brother Davis will be able to be baptized on the first though. It's amazing that Elder Hardy knocked on her door. I don't know if I would have gone back to Eden's street so soon.

We're excited for the coming weeks. I feel like there are so many people who are prepared and ready and that we just need to find them. I especially enjoyed atteding Stake Conference in Elma this Sunday. Its only the second stake conference I've been to on my mission. There were some incredible talks. One was a young adult who just returned from his mission in Henderson NV :) He shared a great message from Alma 8 about how members can make all the difference in missionary work, just as Amulek made all the difference when Alma went back to the city of Ammonihah.

I was talking to Sister Bowles and Sister Field this week and I realized as I discussed my mission with them how grateful I am for the lessons I've learned out here. There are undoubtedly things that I've learned in the mission field because of the situations I've been in that I could have never learned otherwise. I will be different for the rest of my life because of the incredible lessons the Lord has taught me here. Now comes the responsibilty to remember those things I've learned and to apply them not only here, but forever. I have a great desire to become better and better each day. The promise given in John 14:26 becomes ever more important as I learn more and more about the gospel. I NEED to remember these things! The Lord in his infinite wisdom has provided a way that we all can remember the things he has taught us. We just need to remain worthy of the Holy Ghost. What a blessing!

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