Thursday, March 31, 2011

As I live the Gospel Reply

Sara Bradley


Our emails are a day late today because we had transfers yesterday... they always catch me by surprise now, and I never have time to warn you. The good news is I got to stay in Aberdeen. I was sad as Sister Oehler was sent to the lovely Gig Harbor after our short six week companionship. I was sad to see her leave, but I know the Lord has things in plan for us both. She did so much good for me and will be a life long friend.

In her place I was sent two sisters! Sister Bowles came from Steilacoom, she's spent the last 6 months there, so its been fun to catch up on all my converts that are there. Along with her we are with a brand new missionary from the MTC. Her name is Sister Field. She has fire red hair and is from AUSTRALIA. She's only been in the Washington for a day now, and we are loving her accent. We make her pray all the time because we love hearing her voice. This will be my third trio, which is always a different dynamic, but Aberdeen definitely needs the help. We're over the biggest ward in probably all of Washington. Lots of work to do here.

Our zone conference with Elder Richards was absolutely amazing! I was able to spend 4 solid hours learning from him and his wife. They are wonderful people. I learned a lot and I have a renewed sense of desire to just me better in all aspects of missionary work and in life. President Bowen selected a few missionaries to be interviewed by Elder Richards and I was able to be with him one on one for fifteen minutes. He taught me a lot about what I can do to balance humilty and confidence in my calling. I love him. He and his wife are such inspired instruments of the Lord. He also taught me a lot about setting righteous patterns in my life and then sticking with them. He actually knows President Marriott and told me to make sure that he knew that I had met him :) Pass it along to him will you.

The work in Aberdeen continues onward. Toby and Chandler were confirmed this last Sunday. Before Sister Oehler left she "let it slip" to Toby that I was trying to read the Book of Mormon in 2 months. Toby is so determined to beat me and said that he just finished the first 100 pages today. He has an interview with Bishop this week to get the priesthood. I'm so excited for what he will do in the church. All the rest of our potential investigators have seemed to slip away. We're working hard to find more people to teach. I'm excited to be with Sister Bowles! She is an amazing missionary. Just today we were driving to an appointment and she just rolled down the window and invited a passerby on a church tour! That is URGENCY! I love her excitement for the work! Together I feel like the Lord can work miracles through us in this little town.

Just this week I had a neat experience as my companion was teaching about faith. I was able to learn from her experiences and the spirit helped me to understand my own faith better. I've come to understand that my faith is perfect in some aspects of the Gospel. While I am far from perfect and I still have so much to learn, there are certain things that I have come to know, and my faith has become like Enos, unshaken. That is why when we share our testimony we say, "I know.." and not "I believe.." because although we aren't perfect, our faith can be. I love this work. I love the person I'm becoming as I better live the gospel of Jesus Christ. I wish the world could know and feel what I feel. I love you all and pray for you! Welcome to Utah Mark and Caitlin. I look forward to having you close by :)

Love Sister Bradley

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