Thursday, August 12, 2010

August 9, 2010

This week was pretty amazing. Airianna was baptized this last Sunday. She was the last one in her family to be baptized and it was really neat. She said that she felt like she was completeing her family, and I had to agree. She's fifteen and her family was baptized in April. She wanted to wait until she was sure. I admire her a lot for wanting to gain her own testimony first. She went to girls camp and I think that really made all the difference. I'm excited for her to go do temple baptisms.
We had several investigators at church. Amanda came, she's been doing really well and is now working at getting married before her baptism. Which is always a hard thing. She's felt the spirit so much since we've been working with her but still struggles to be certain that this church is the only church with the fulness of the gospel of Christ. Josh also came. He looked really sharp. He's been dating a less active member. He's in his twenties and a son of a pastor in the penticostal? faith. He really struggles with the authority that we claim to have. But he's willing to come to church and pray and learn, so he'll get there.
Craig is another one of our investigators that came to church! We're way excited about him. He met missionaires several months ago but came to church for the first time this last sunday and is set for baptism on the 22nd. He also came to Airianna's baptims and loved it and told us he felt like this was where he was supposed to be. The ward has been amazing at fellowshipping our investigators. They've all been really brought into the churuch socially.
Things are going great and I'm loving every second of being here. I'm continuing to learn a lot. I love you all and will write more next week.
Love Sister Bradley

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