Monday, September 27, 2010


My dear familia,

What a week it has been. I have an overwhelming sense of grattitude as I write home today. Where to begin,. Joshua was confirmed yesterday in Sacrament Meeting and has really jumped into the ward. I'm really proud of him. He's made some incredible changes to be where he is. Baptism and confirmation are a continuing miracle in my eyes.

We've been working with several families. But they are really struggling to come to church. However the miracle of the Roberts family has been pretty amazing. We met the mother months ago while tracting, but because she worksa graveyard we've been unable to set anything up. However this last Monday she was finally able to come on a church two with her two sons. Darrien (10) and Devin (12). As we showed them around the church Darrien couldn't stop asking questions, and when we showed him the baptismal font he asked when he could get baptized. After we shared Joseph Smith's first vision Devin, who had been relatively quiet the whole tour said "I feel like I'm supposed to be here, it feels good." They weren't able to come to church this Sunday, but commited for sure to come next Sunday and we already have an appointment to teach them the next lesson. I love the spirit that is in the chapel. Those two boys could feel it! I could feel it and I love it!

I've been studying Repentance and Atonement in my personal study this past week and have really been able to grow and understand them better than ever. As I've really learned the meaning of repentance, I realize that I've never really understood it's true meaning. Repenting is not something that is sad, or condemning, or embarrassing. Its exciting and sustaining. Its constant changing. As I've read about what the apostles and prohets have shared about repentance I've worked hard to apply it and internalize it. I am so grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ. Our Heavenly Father loves us so much, we really don't understand. My MTC teacher shared a profound experience with us and I'm remembering it now and only just begining to understand. We expect too little. We have a perfect, loving, immortal father who created us. If only everybody could know what that really means. As I have taken the atonement into my everyday life, I've felt a change in my heart and have felt excitment and joy as I've been able to have that fresh view of my self, of my Father in heaven, and of the world. I think that is the joy that Lehi felt when he partook of the fruit of the Tree of Life. I feel the same desire he felt to have his family (earthly and heavenly) partake of it also. I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to serve here in Washington. The field is truly "white and already to harvest".

I have come to know through personal prayer and action that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is here on the earth and that Thomas S. Monson is his prophet today. Through faith, repentance, baptism, the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end we can return to our Father in Heaven. That is the docterine of Jesus Christ. It is simple. Jesus Christ lives and knows each of us. I'm so grateful for the sacrifices of many who have helped me gain my testimony. I love and pray for you.

love Sister Bradley

p.s. I'm SO SO excited for conference! I will look for you in the crowd, so try and make it for a session!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sept. 20, 2010

My dear Familia,

What a week it has been! An exciting one at that. First we had a baptism! A young man by the name of Joshua was baptized yesteraday at the stake baptism where 6 other people also entered into the waters of baptism. Joshua is a pretty amazing story. He is a single dad of an 18 month old little girl name Mackenzie. The mom is abusive, but fought for custody and Joshua was able to get full custody. He's currently not employed and has had a lot of challenges over the past weeks. He's been fighting a pretty intense virus as well. Because of everything he's only been to our ward twice. But he really wanted to get baptized this weekend. So he came to a ward activity Saturday night, walked up to the bishop, and told him that he wanted to get baptized tomorrow. He and the bishop were in his office for almost an hour and when he came out the bishop just said "Lets baptize him." We were SO excited! He has a long road ahead of him, but I know it will be an easier one because of the choices he has made to follow the example of His Savior Jesus Christ.

Amanda, our investigator that we've been working with for months now also came to the ward activity, but she did something she's never done before! She brought all five of her kids (all under the age of 7) and her husband came! THEY LOVED IT! We're now hoping to prepare Craig (her husband) for baptism on the 10th of October! They are getting there marrige license this week! That is a big family! I love them so much. Craig couldn't come to church because he had to stay home with the two littlest, as they were sick, but Amanda came with the other three girls! They are an amazing family.

We are continuing to see the hand of the Lord in this work as we pray for spiritual sight and understanding. The Lord blesses us so much when we strive to be obedient to his commandments. I'm learning a lot about sacrifice, through my own experience and through witnessing others. When we sacrifice the Lord blesses us so much! I've seen it time and time again. Sometimes the hardest thing to sacrifice is our weaknesses. It takes humility and a sincere desire to follow the Lord, but when we are able to do so we more aline our will with the Lords. I love you all and pray for you!

Love Sister Bradley

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Friday, September 10, 2010

Sept. 7, 2010

Dear Family,

This is so short because of Labor Day we had little time to write but I didn't want you to think that I for got you. Thank you so much for your care package! I so appreciated it! Especially the Camel I kind of want to put it on the dash board of my car, but it is a little big.

Things are going well in Tacoma. I'll just share a really neat experience we had this week. Our recent convert, Aireanna came out tracting with us this week, and last week she helped us out with a church tour. It's been amazing to see her come to where she is. She wasn't even wanting to get baptized 3 months ago and now she's out tracting with us. She's so open and so willing to share her conversion story. She already expresses a strong desire to serve a mission! She will be the means of bringing many people into the gospel!

You never know how big of an impact one person can make. I keep thinking of the ripples in a pond when you through in a pebble. I love being a pebble in the pond! Now I just need to be a little "boulder"! I love you all!

Love Sister Bradley

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Aug.31, 2010

Dear Family,

I'm very grateful to still be here in Tacoma. Sister Fox and I are now serving our third transfer together and couldn't be happier. Very little changed in our district and our zone, which we are all really happy about. We've been really successful and unified. I'm learning more and more everyday that having unity with the Lord is essential, unity with your companion is pivotal, unity with your district helpful, and unity with your zone encouraging. Unity is really important. We've had a great month here this August, and we're so excited for September, miracles seem to be found in every corner of Tacoma.

We had a wonderful week this last week with a miracle of our own. Bo was indeed baptized, and her daughter Cheyenne (12 years old) was as well. It was sort of an interesting situation. Bo is SO amazing and one of the Lords elect prepared people, but her daughter wasn't quite sure yet. She'd come to church and we had taught her a several times but she really seemed indifferent towards baptism, other than the fact that Bo really wanted her to get baptized. The night before the baptism we talked to Cheyenne after she had told us that she wanted to get baptized with her mother. Normally we'd be way excited, but we thought she was just saying because she felt forced to by her mom. We spent several minutes trying to tell her that she could wait til next week or a few weeks until she was more ready, but she was insistent. I fought with myself all night and the next day about whether I should really let it happen. We didn't want her to make a commitment before she was prepared to keep it. But every time I prayed about it, I felt like we should press forward with it. Then the baptism came and Cheyenne seemed like she didn't want to be there at all. I felt terrible. There she was frowning in her white jump suit. But again I prayed about it and got the feeling to press forward, but I was so unsure. Cheyenne and Bo were both baptized, but afterwards when I asked Cheyenne if we'd see her at church tomorrow, she said she didn't know! I wanted to cumple into pieces on the floor. I left the baptism with a heavy heart. Later Bo told us that when Cheyenne and her were changing after the baptism Cheyenne had refused to be confirmed on Sunday and was not coming to churh. But the next 24 hours seemed to be miraculous as the Lord softened Cheyenne's heart. That night she asked her mom if she would make her a dress, as she didn't have any nice clothes to wear to church. Her mom spent a large part of the evening making Cheynne the cutest dress I've ever seen. As church started on Sunday morning I was floored to see Cheyenne in the door way of the chapel with a cute little dress and the biggest, purest smile on her face. She was excited and happy to be there! I really felt so stunned, it was a wide eyed, jaw dropping experience. This baptism was Sister Fox's and I first experience of seeing a family that we found through tracting get baptized. It was actually our first family as well! I feel like Ammon when he says "I cannot say the smallest part which I feel." (Alma 26:16)

I feel a renewed sense of desire to work even harder. The Lord blesses as we sacrifice even more. I've been pondering much the scripture in Mosiah 4:27 "It is not requisite that a man should run faster than he has strength." But I heard a wonderful quote from Elder Oaks. He shared this scripture with the Tacoma stake here, and afterwards he laughed and said, "But it does say run!" I'm so excited to be running for the Lord. This is the greatest work and I intend to do it forever. I love you all and pray for you!

Aug. 23,2010
Dear family,

It's been a crazy pday, so this won't be a long email. So I'll apologize in advance. What a week it has been! We've continued to meet with Bo and she came to church this sunday. Unfortunately her children didn't come, so she'll be getting baptized alone this Saturday, but we hope that her children will follow in the comming weeks, sometimes its easier after they see they're mom or dad go first. Bo is already so integrated into the ward that half the people think she's already a member. I love people like that! Transfers are coming up this Monday, so I'll let you know what happens, but its likely that I'll be staying still her in Tacoma, but you never really know with President Bowen.

Thanks for all your letters and emails, I feel like I've got a ton in the last few weeks. Things are going really well. The weather has cooled down a LOT, I'm excited for fall/winter/really its just rain. I don't know how I would survive in the DR, way to go Elyse! I'm learning and growing so much more than I ever thought I could. You know how when you're in the temple and everything is clear and you just know how to work things out. I feel like there is a lot of clarity in my mind right now. I know exactly what I want to do and who I want to be, which is a real blessing. I've been missing the temple because of the peace and clarity it brings and the Lord is blessing me. I love you all and promise to make up for the short email next week! (actually probably in 2 weeks as next week will be transfer day, which totally kills our pday, forgive me ;)

Love Sister Bradley